Monday, October 20, 2014

Platform Position 1 ...
The Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital is one of our community's greatest assets. Our residents rely on it not only for the excellent health care they receive, but also as a major employer. It is a key amenity that is carefully considered when families are looking to relocate to our area. The current two site facility model in conjunction with Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson, is the model that the Interior Health Authority supports and is committed to for the foreseeable future. While there continues to be calls by some for the construction of a new facility, the reality is that a new facility is not in the plans for Interior Health any time in the near future. My position remains unchanged from 2012. We need to spend our health care dollars on improving health care services for our residents today, not endless studies or money parked in an account waiting for something to happen that isn't a part of the long term capital plan. See below for the motion passed by Trail Council #168-12, from our General Meeting on March 12, 2012. It is worth noting that all of council stood to their feet to register their votes as this motion was passed unanimously. It was the first time during this session of council and the last time a standing vote was recorded. I stood for KBRH then and I continue to do so now. Let's end the bickering between neighboring communities and put more resources into patient care and state of the art equipment today.


Moved: Councillor Jolly

Seconded: Councillor Cacchioni

 "That Trail City Council unanimously and unequivocally support the retention of the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital in its current location and the maintenance of its Regional Hospital status in perpetuity, and further that all capital funding for our region be dedicated to the refurbishment, upgrading and support of the existing facilities currently operating in the region in order to deliver the highest level of patient care to those in need of health care services today; and that a letter be sent to the Interior Health Authority and the Minister of Health indicating so."

 Carried unanimously.

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