Friday, October 24, 2014

Platform Positions 3,4,& 5

3) I believe that in order to secure the long term sustainability and safe access to KBRH, a second access road must be built. If re-elected, I will continue to advocate for this improvement and vote accordingly. KBRH is a critical part of our community and our region. We have to do everything we can... to make it a better facility and ensure we are providing the best patient care possible.

** UPDATE:10-24-2014- IHA has proposed a 40 Million dollar upgrade to KBRH as a result of their recent facility study. While no final decisions have been made. I strongly believe this is the direction we should be moving in. This would include improved access and expanded parking facilities for patients, visitors and staff.

4) If re-elected, I will move to increase the responsibility and scope of the Protective Services Portfolio with a greater focus on public safety and information sharing. This will include closer co-ordination with all Emergency Responder Groups (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Management and DND). I will also promote an enhanced public reporting structure that improves the timeliness and access to information when significant events occur.

5) Lastly, I strongly support the proposed Regional Fire Training Centre and our current system of full time and volunteer firefighters. We need to give our firefighters the tools and training to do their very difficult and dangerous jobs safely and effectively.

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