Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Platform Positions 11 & 12 ...

11)  I still support the establishment of a car share service in Trail. There are several easy to duplicate models that are already proven. A co-op program or a pay as you go cost recovery system both make sense. Car share services provide another option for those with temporary transportation challenges or those who simply choose not to own. It is a modest investment for a municipality to support and it creates greater mobility to support our commercial sector and easier access to health care services for residents.

12) There has been a lot of talk recently about youth engagement and suggestions that there should be a form of youth government in our area. I think what makes more sense is to ask our youth what they want instead of telling them what they want. It would be great if our youth had an interest in municipal affairs, but if they find it to be boring, inaccessible or not of interest to them, their engagement in the political process will most likely be limited. Perhaps we could learn a few things by just asking them what they think they need to feel connected to their community, government, etc... A "youth specific" online community engagement survey might be a good start.

* My definition of youth means teens and young adults up to the age of 21.

** Authorized by Mike Konkin, CPA, CGA, Financial Agent 250-368-1278

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